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What would Kylie Mae say if she could speak, well we may never know but we can guess and share it with the world. Here Kylie and her new brother Camden embark on some entertaining and very husky shenanigans and share it all with you here.
Thursday, February 11, 2010

Missing puppy? Check the showers at our house!

I got a text from Josh saying " I lost a husky"

After tons of searching, Camden was playing hide and go seek in the guest bathtub

shower curtain closed, quiet as a mouse.

Oh furry children.

ps..... nothing like sweet puppy dreams with larger then life chewie bones :) I think it's safe to say we have a character on our hands

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OMFG this is adorable.

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I once thought our cat got out. I was FLIPPING OUT... we were living in a one bedroom apt and I could not imagine where she went.

Turns out she jumped into a tshirt drawer when I opened it ... and I closed it without looking. She actually looked pretty pissed when I disturbed her :P

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Too cute! My dog does the same thing. We have these old radiators that gets the apartment really hot and dry so he runs into the bathroom and hops into the tub to cool down. I had thought I lost him once because I couldn't find him anywhere. lol

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