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What would Kylie Mae say if she could speak, well we may never know but we can guess and share it with the world. Here Kylie and her new brother Camden embark on some entertaining and very husky shenanigans and share it all with you here.
Monday, March 1, 2010

Husky Super Heros

Once upon a time in a far away land there was a 16 week old puppy named Camden. He was growing so fast, at lightening speed that one day while his dog parents were at work he exploded out of his crate with his super hero doggy powers.

It was strong enough to scare his sister Kylie Mae and make her stay under the covers!

When his dog parents came home they were shocked at what they saw, among all the crate rubble spread on the floor was an angel sitting on the bottom half of his crate. As if nothing had ever happened at all.

The super hero puppy not only now knows his own strength and is going to work on his top secret strength training , but he also got a new crate out of the deal. He is very happy with it for now but is already training in the wee hours of the night for his next super puppy hero muscle trick.

ps. My sister is ok.... in fact she was working on her own super powers in the car when we went to go pick up my new house. She is working on dog mom's purse.

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