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What would Kylie Mae say if she could speak, well we may never know but we can guess and share it with the world. Here Kylie and her new brother Camden embark on some entertaining and very husky shenanigans and share it all with you here.
Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Husky Slackers

Give a husky a blog and a lap top and expect them to keep up with their fans and look what happens.... nothing! Such typical huskies. In fact I'll tell you why exactly the blog has not been up kept. Kylie Mae has been doing alittle bit to much diva sleeping.

Lets not wake the princess.....husky retaliation is not something you want to deal with.

ps. The huskies new years resolution is to blog more... so see you soon!

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Huskies go formal.....

A few weeks ago we had our engagement session and done and the huskies were not left out of this process. We had our photographers come up from San Diego to San Francisco. We were primped and shining from beauty product week and were ready to rock some photo sessions. we should have known the huskies would steal the show and no one would be interested in OUR pics. That's ok, at least they rocked it!

So enough about the dog parents you want to know what did Camden and Kylie Mae wear, I know.  We have put together all of the best of the best dog photos from our day with our photographers for you to view. Enjoy!

We give you Husky casual wear:

Now we give you puppy formal wear:

(I made kylie's necklace by hand and we searched high and low for a baby tie for Camden)

(this one and the next one are our favorites. We crack up every time we see these pictures)

Look out Sugar Inc, Camden is business man/interview ready!

(our gorgeous princess Kylie Mae :} )

This one was sent over to cuteoverload.com by friends and family and is a big favorite on the internet.

She was a crack up that day.

So now you have seen the inside scoop on the huskies formal wear and day wear. Watch out Brad and Angie!!

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Its been a while, but with good reason!

It has been a mad dash around the Masthammer casa for wedding planning, parties, engagement pics. Phew! Let's also not leave out how much Camden is growing and learning. Why in fact just this weekend we started teaching him business etiquette and how to wear proper business attire. What do you think?

Doesn't he look dashing! Very proud puppy mama let me tell you. So after he was all "suited up" we taught him the basics of interviewing. A good handshake goes a long way!

I think he's got it! Who knows, next Sugar job posting just might be seeing an application from a Camden Husky!

PS. So what's the tie actually for? Our engagement pics are being taken in two weeks and the pups will be joining us in them. In their formal wear. Kylie Mae will be wearing a nice pearl necklace with a bow and Camden of course, his new tie.



Thursday, May 13, 2010

Intruder alert! The Huskies spot a Turkey outside the house

<object height="350" width="425" style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" data="http://www.youtube.com/v/TlPRkoUUowM" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <param name="src" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/TlPRkoUUowM" /> </object>

We came home from work the other day to find a Turkey sitting in the parking space next to our house.  Much to my dismay, Josh took the dogs to investigate...


(No turkeys were harmed in the making of this video!)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Something different... Alicia Parlette

I know I've been away for a bit, truth is the dogs have been boring. Damn dogs. Ok I'm kidding I actually have a gazillion billion pics that I keep saying while snapping- OH yes this is a sugar blog pic. Truth be told, I've been preoccupied however. Yes true weddings are time consuming but I mean something much more painful, stressful and heart wrenching. My friend is dieing.

See I must admit, I have another blog. I was (pat myself on the back) maintaining 5 blogs all at the same time for quite a while and it was great! I moved permanently up to SF to join Josh whom had been up here since September happily working away at Sugar Land. He loves that place and his job so much I'm pretty sure I could have stayed in LA for another year and it would have been alright. Ok I'm stalling, yes it's true. I may or may not even be sitting here bawling like a 4 year old girl who fell down and thought the whole world ended. Yet, it did. For me. My whole world come to a stop... and this is why.  To make it easy on my eyes and my heart I just copied and pasted this from my other blog to share with you here...hope you don't mind.

Blog post on Blogger April 16, 2010 12:00PM

This is my second post of the day... I was going to wait, I didn't want to interrupt the flow of the fun Friday Giveaway news (which you can totally still find HERE) but I had to. Cause this is my friend. A worldly inspiration, and a rare true fearless person.... a real angel. My angel. 

As you know from my previous posting Alicia Parlette the "San Francisco Princess" is so special to me. You can see my previous posting about her and I HERE which for those of you who don't know what the heck I'm going on about go ahead and click it. It's about our life together and her battle with cancer at an age way to young to be thinking of such.
It especially hits me hard when I sit here thinking about all the things I still have to do for my up coming wedding and making it perfect and spending money on things that will soon be just memories. OH yes, great memories....but there is still real life. Going on around you and without you everyday, while your standing still in time making your memories you in the end probably spent way to much money on.
Ali won't have the picture perfect get down on one knee engagement story that every girl dreams of. She met her current boyfriend on the Bart and while that's adorable and very Alicia..in her life is still comes with the "C" word. She won't get to plan her dream wedding and float around on air cause she was picked by Mr. Perfect to spend her life with. No wedding dress day with her friends and family and no tiffs with Mr. Perfect because the stationary is off in color.... "I said royal blue not dark blue, this is a disaster!!". After the wedding is done and the fastest most expensive 10 hours of your life fly by... there won't be any talk of houses, kids, saving money, investing, new cars or which would we rather take the kids to for the first time, Disneyland or Disney World. Nothing. She will have nothing. While the rest of the world, has and plans everything.
As I sit here staying on deadline with all the tiny details that I think will make my wedding day pop and wow and please and be remembered.... she is resting. Laying quietly with forced oxygen trying to breath. Slowly. Waiting. Waiting for it all to end, peacefully. Yet she is happy cause she is surrounded by her dog, her family, her mate and her extended family; her friends.
That's life.
That's life so stripped down to the basics that hair appointments, clothing and losing weight and god forbid someone sees you with out makeup moments don't matter anymore. All the fluff is removed and your left bare, exposed and vulnerable and have every right in the world to feel ashamed and self conscious, but your not. That's real life. That's when it matters. In that moment of time. That's what makes a real memory.

It seems fitting that the San Francisco Chronicle, where she started her dream job and had visions of making it big time as a writer and actually wound up being a writer for her own series as a young woman with cancer and trying to survive on nothing but hope and faith... that, that same paper would write one of the most special, touching and perfect articles about her yet. Her SF Chronicle family has done leaps and bounds to get her story out there and has in fact done a fantastic job of keeping her memory alive in life and I'm sure there will be no problem in keeping Ali's memory alive on the other side either. Whenever Ali decided that day is though her doctors say it's any day now. They certainly don't know Alicia... she will go when SHE is good and ready and only then. 
The article hit stands this morning and is featured on the front page, exactly where the SF Princess should be.
Please click here to read it, I will warn you it's touching to say the least.

I do indeed have one last thing.. it's a favor really. You as my readers have become friends, you have been brought into my daily life and I'm totally in love with you to no end. If blogger ended tomorrow, well ok lets just not go there. So dear readers please take this link and share it with the world, if it can touch one heart and bring a little comfort to one more parents pain of losing a child before themselves... then Ali's journey and fight was not in vain.

Alicia Parlette San Francisco Chronicle story featured on April 16th, 2010 can be found HERE


ps. I did ask permission before posting on Kylies blog. This message is Husky approved.

Friday, March 12, 2010

rain rain go away, come again another day..... so I can go out and play :( and so I can stop sitting like this on the back of the couch

thanks for listening,


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Even husky's daydream....

We have a large arched window with a window seat in our master bedroom. When they think no one is around, they will just stare out the window. It was just Kylie at first but now she has taught Camden. There is something very innocent and sweet about seeing a dog just stare out the window at the world they really know nothing about. .

(Kylie Mae)


The view isn't that bad either :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Husky Super Heros

Once upon a time in a far away land there was a 16 week old puppy named Camden. He was growing so fast, at lightening speed that one day while his dog parents were at work he exploded out of his crate with his super hero doggy powers.

It was strong enough to scare his sister Kylie Mae and make her stay under the covers!

When his dog parents came home they were shocked at what they saw, among all the crate rubble spread on the floor was an angel sitting on the bottom half of his crate. As if nothing had ever happened at all.

The super hero puppy not only now knows his own strength and is going to work on his top secret strength training , but he also got a new crate out of the deal. He is very happy with it for now but is already training in the wee hours of the night for his next super puppy hero muscle trick.

ps. My sister is ok.... in fact she was working on her own super powers in the car when we went to go pick up my new house. She is working on dog mom's purse.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's been so quiet around here

Perhaps I should be thankful for the part time doggy mommy routine I've been putting in for the past few months being away from home.....NAAAH! I can't wait to go home and be a full time puppy mommy again!!!

So this is my final week at work, and it's a sad sad time for sure.If you have ever had one of those job/boss relationship/work enviroment sitations that were out of this world awesome, then you know what I'm talking about.

I will continue to have faith that I can find just as awesome a new job as this last one was. Faith faith faith.

In the meantime I'll be snug as a bug at home , blogging to all of you, happy and content to be FINALLY starting off our new life here in the big city!

Can't wait and thanks for the mini hiatus!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The king rules...

As seen on Josh's Facebook page "Sir Camden sits on his throne, ruling over the minions of the forest"

Oh, Boys!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A long weekend recap- by Camden

Hi Friends!

this weekend was jam-packed so I'll sit here and try my best to share it all. Well as much as I can of course no tells me hardly anything around here! I talk a lot so I hope you can get through this. Maybe dog parents can post a video of my conversations so I know SOMEONE is listening to me!!

My dog Mom came home but then she left again, but we got to show her cool stuff and do fun things.


The dog park in Sausalito!

I was ready to show her my new friends and how I play but she was talking to people

so I just stared at her saying " MOM, hey MOM... MOOOOOOM. Hey, MOM, MOM. MOM"

it finally worked.

I showed her how I played hide and go seek with my sister

but another husky blew my cover  before she could find me

But I think she got confused anyway cause.... thats not me!

So I just went to hide some where else saying I won, I won!

After so much running around, we were spent.

Dog mom says sleepy huskys make for happy parents.

Our dog parents then went off to do their own thing for YEARS a while and by the time they got back we were ready to play again! I showed off my new fun tricks but for some reason she wasn't so happy to see them.

Me sliding down the cushions- weeeeee

(yelling heard in the background) "blah blah CAMDEN blah blah"

I tried to explain I was just sitting on the pillow in this weird perch position

but I dont think they believed me.


My sister decided to steal my spot on the couch console me when I got yelled at. So I joined her.....

I think we were bonding, dont you think so??

* Parent side note- Camden was swiftly removed from her head seconds after this picture. By Kylie.He still has some learning to do*


We got to hang around at home that morning before the parentals ran away to run errands allllll daaaaay loooooong.

My sister wasn't around so I took her favorite donut and gave it a few chomps and licks

I really dont think she minds when I borrow her toys but I do find it interesting dog parents seem to

take pictures when I'm about to get beat up.....must look into this further for a connection

All was well until SHE came in the room and did the worst thing possible....

sat on the couch and just stared at me. With the eye. I had a plan this time though

I just sat real still, played it cool but between you and me I was hoping she didn't see me...

I kept saying to myself, hold this pose for a while. Then, Yeah I've so got this, HAHA I'm so smart!

There is NO WAY she sees me! Oh yeah, I'm the smartest puppy I know. Take that big sister

What... OH, hi Kylie...I didn't see.... Oh put it down..... OK!

*side note: while there were no Camden's hurt in the making of these pictures he was pounced on and muffled squeaks could be heard 5 seconds after this picture*

Lesson learned: don't steal sisters donut.

After I got the feeling back  in my legs I needed a nap and I realized everyone was upstairs. As I rounded the corner I saw my dog mom's suitcase.

I was sad :( so I just had to sit here with it.

Dog Mom left to go back home but this time I think she left some things behind so maybe she will come back sooner. I'll try not to drive my dog sister crazy and maybe that will help too!

Hope your weekend was fun and less bruising them mine!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Don't let the husky get an ego, but she did prepare an acceptance speech!!

After finding out about her royal fluffiness being featured on the "Sugar High" list Kylie wanted to look her best while thinking about what to say to her new fans...

Getting press conference primped and ready .....

Mission accomplished and camera ready

"Thanks for liking what I have to say, liking my Mommy's friends products (even though really it is all about me)  and keep reading my blog!! "

*parent edit*- it's hard work being a stage mom :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Missing puppy? Check the showers at our house!

I got a text from Josh saying " I lost a husky"

After tons of searching, Camden was playing hide and go seek in the guest bathtub

shower curtain closed, quiet as a mouse.

Oh furry children.

ps..... nothing like sweet puppy dreams with larger then life chewie bones :) I think it's safe to say we have a character on our hands

Thursday, February 11, 2010

the simplicity of sticks.....

So innocent. So pure. So happy. So simple.

It's like kids with bubbles.....


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The diva sister needs her space

I'm almost 100% positive this is exactly what happened last night as our diva furry princess Kylie was resting after falling asleep watching her tv. Camden jumped up to watch the rain outside and fell asleep. We all know Kylie needs and loves her personal space and is never afraid to let Camden know it!! Just like brother and sister!

Kylie: Camden!!

Camden: (sleeping) huh, oh what?

Kylie: You fell asleep on my back!

Camden? No I didn't I'm watching the rain.

Kylie: Your in my personal space, I was here first go away

Camden: Geez! Haven't  you ever fallen asleep sitting up?

Kylie: No, not facing backwards on the couch now go away

Camden: oh....Well you fell asleep watching tv, isn't that worse?

Kylie: No. It's not. Stop talking Camden

Camden: Oh. I see. ok. sorry. I'll stop talking now. sorry

Kylie: SHHH

Monday, February 8, 2010

My (annoying) husky brother, I'm famous on ETSY and a special Vday message

This weekend was exciting.... If I heard correctly, my Mommy resigned from her job in LA!! This means she is coming home in a few weeks for good, no more going back and forth. THANK GOD! This means I don't have to make these faces anymore...

well thats not true, I'll still make those faces :)

In other husky news my Mommys very talented friend made these amazing true to life looking ipod cover of me! I think she nailed it, what do you think?

Here is the front view

She even added my cute little tail on the back...

"my paws" hold the cords for the headphones.

apparently I'm famous now since these sell like hot cakes! She does make other animals and products but if I can say so, they are not nearly as adorable as my mini me's!

you can find all of them here: https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.etsy.com%2Fshop%2Fsewinmachine&pid=popsugar&pdata=563094

Here are some fun pics my dog dad took this weekend cause I wanted to set the record straight on some of them:

The quality is awful says my dog parents but oh well. He took this with that black box he talks on.

Dog dad said we were doing something like teamwork chewing on the bone.

Real answer: I was just trying to make sure he doesn't hog the whole thing ok.

Dog dad thought this was funny and told Mom that Camden wants an upgrade to his current condo.

Real Answer: To parents: If he gets a better house then mine, your going to regret it.

To brother: look pipsqueak, you have 5 seconds to get out of my house!!

This was actually very funny at the time. Dog dad actually thought he lost him and looked

everywhere for him (I was very happy). Apparently hide and go seek is a game Camden likes to play. If

you can't find your pup, come look in our guest shower he might be there with Camden.

Real Answer: I dont think Mom thought the idea of Camden being lost was as funny as dog dad did.

Dad was so excited about this picture cause apparently we

were making a perfect heart shape and with Valentines Day being close it was a big deal.

Real Answer: look there is no way I would fall asleep with him this way. Clearly

he moved in on my personal space when I was dreaming. I didn't want to make a big deal

about it at the time so I moved my face a little farther from his.

Seconds after this picture was taken, I was out of there.


Happy Valentines Day anyway.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

he keeps going and going and going and going and goin..........

Camden after 10 hours of puppy daycare still have handfuls of energy. Then thankfully he crashes out hard and we don't see him again till morning :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A husky who plays "Portal"

Kylie Mae is playing with her "companion cube" from the game portal. Josh asks her "Kylie want to play portal?" and she runs and
gets the cube.Yes we can actually ask her where her toys are cause they have names and she will go get them and play with them. It's about the only thing she listens to us for :) Well that and Chipotle!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chipotle loving eating husky

miss kylie showing that we truly are the most loyal stupid, caring naive, giving suckers dog parents in the world. We share our Chipotle chips with her and she only has to lift her head an inch and then lay back down.Oh the hard life.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

How a good day turned bad....

<span style="font-family: Trebuchet, 'Trebuchet MS', Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 17px; color: #666666; line-height: 27px;">The weather here is , for lack of a better word- frightful. The hail was so loud and big last night it was scary. I was waiting for huge snowballs to start slamming through the windows. Luckily Camden slept right through it, unluckily I did not as I listened to every crack, ping and splinter waiting to hear something crashing down.

Finally it subsided but by then it was time to get up to take Camden to school. Kylie was going to join him at daycare today anyway however it was the next chain of events that made it even more so that she was going somewhere else today.
I was determined to have a good day regardless of the lack of sleep, frizz in my hair and my dread of getting wet. So with a hop and a skip in my step I got the dogs ready for camp, put on my boots and out the door we were going to go. SO I THOUGHT!
First rule of owning a husky- regardless of how they "normally act" you must keep the thought in your mind at all times that they are as unpredictable as a 14 year old raging hormones teenager.
So naturally my 14year old teenager lovely Kylie Mae bolts out the door at top speed with Camden and I behind holding her leash and I'm terrified.
Another rule of thumb about owning huskys, good luck getting them back when they run off. Being we back up into the Marin forest this naturally terrifies me on a daily basis about one of the dogs getting out and getting lost.
I suppose for the next event I should be thankful and I think I will be, in a few years. For now I'm just angry. And rightfully so.
As we watch kylie bound out the door happily we also watched as she stoped dead in her tracks, sniffed the ground and proceeded to dump her body onto the ground and start rolling. I jump at the opportunity to grab her and I body dive for her collar (in the  beyond pouring rain, like really pouring) and I'm sure any neighbors at this point have peed themselves at my expense laughing. She keeps rolling and making these obscene grunting noises and I realize she is getting smothered by some dark brown tar like substance.... which turns out to be ......
For the love of everything, the odor emitting from her was horrific. Berries, grass and dirt. Oh lord have mercy it was disgusting.
In the meantime in my mad dash to grab Miss. sudden nature lover I had left the front door open and it then occurred to me "SHIT!! I've lost the puppy!!".
However I think Camden might perhaps be a genius. A baby Einstein puppy. I do believe he saw the potential in this situation and had decided that sitting in the middle of the doorway and watching this all play out was going to be a way for him to come out looking like the better dog in this situation. I do believe this was treat driven in his nimble little 12 week old puppy head but never the less he was glowing like an angel when I looked back at him sitting dry, clean and happy in the doorway.
After peeling Kylie off the ground and cussing under my breath at her I did what any self respecting dog mother would do, I took the hose with beyond freezing cold water and sprayed her. If you need a visual it would be something like this but just think larger dog= larger area of poop. I only wish she had looked as remorseful as this dog looks-
*Note: I took the time to really have a good time with this and I admit maybe hosed her off longer and in other places then she truly needed but it was good therapy for me*
I then took a trash bag punched a hole in the top and put it on her like a poncho. I now wish I had been in the right frame of mind to take a picture of her, but I was still filled with rage and beyond drenched at this point to think this might be comical later. If you can imagine it looked something like this:
I plopped them both in the car and took off for the daycare.
Let me tell you- not one of those dogs made a peep, a move, or well any sort of movement at all really. I did not even hear the crinkle of Kylie garbage bag=poncho as we drove.
I was alpha mommy this morning and I highly doubt they will be maniacs when they come home tonight either.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I've been up to my ears in changes


Hi readers,

to be honest I dont know where to start I'm just going a million miles per second with new events.

First of all Thanksgiving was awesome, we had a dinner party and everyone came to see me. Sadly no one dropped anything for me under the table and my dog parents had way to much wine and forgot to feed me some left overs as well. It's ok, I'm still plotting revenge for that. I did get oodles and oodles of attention and love so I suppose that was ok in the end.

My dog mom goes back and forth from LA to SF for work so I go to sleep at night and when I wake up she is gone. Sometimes for weeks. I hear she works in the fashion industry. Shoes to be specific. I try not to think about it since I'm not allowed anywhere near the things, though when she is gone it's tempting. It would also make quite the literal statement. (storing future mental note on that one)

Anyway my dog dad is here with me and we go out and about through the hills at night when he gets home from work. Let me tell you something, this wild life is truly a strange thing. They have no idea who I am. No care either. It's like I don't exist. Not that I'm looking to get into a fight or anything or ruin my pedicure but if I had to I could do something I think. One night while we were walking out of no where this trotting noise came up from behind us. I had my nose in bushes so I was slightly caught off guard which is why I didn't notice anything at first not because I have no idea what the heck to do outdoors when all of a sudden these gigantic deer came skipping along the road right past us. My dog dad said something to the extent of it being like a Disney movie but I can't be sure what that means exactly. (mental note two: watch Disney movie to learn about outdoors)

Besides the wild life everything else is fine... well WAS fine.

My dog mom came home last week for the holidays and then it all changed. It started with dog dads birthday. It was a day like no other I was counting down the time it would be till someone came home then all of a sudden, it happened. 3 hours early someone came home "ARRWAAHAAHAWAAH" thats chewbacca talk for you non-siberian husky followers. All of a sudden it was my dog mom!! I danced and pranced and kisses and... WAIT! what was that smell?? And then my life changed. Right then, that was it. Poof.. no longer only child.





















They call him Camden and say how cute he is. He is ok, I can't deny that. I just would not go as far as to say SO CUTE but whatever. Oh and no, thats not the jealous un ruly princess husky part of me talking either, thank you very little. I knew what you were thinking.

As if that was not enough they went and threw in another surprise a few days later





















That big shiny blinding thing has stolen all my attention. They went and threw a dinner party on Christmas Day and unlike Thanksgiving I was certainly not on top agenda. The shiny metal thing was AND HIM!

So anyway, so far it's been ok. Ya know the changes that is. It could have been worse I guess. Metal shiny thing does not SEEM to do anything other then be metal and shiny. Camden however is another.

I think we are getting along ok... what do you think?























ps. No pups were harmed in the making of this post or picture

pps. sorry for the spacing in this post.... working on finding out what the issue is.

Monday, November 23, 2009

How a husky spends a weekend

How I start my weekend"- from Kylie Mae

1. Sleep in as late as possible. This really baffles owner at first but then puts them in a sense of amazement and happiness. You can really catch them off guard then.

2. When you finally do awake, startle our slaves person however you think will do the trick (barking, pouncing, snorkeling under the covers with your cold wet nose, chewbacca and sing long songs). However my personal favorite is getting as close to the face as possible and staring the person down until they feel this horrible sensation that someone is watching them and suddenly jolt up paranoid. Any one of those (though affective) is a terrible way to wake up but the last tops the cake and is the most fun.

3. Pretend to look at something out the window as if it made a horrible noise and woke everyone up. Look surprised and innocent that they are awake and joyfully prance down the stairs cause you got our way see your person is awake and proceed to pick up the leash and carry it to said person indicating "take me to the bathroom now". No sense of urgency is needed here as the people of the house know full well that I could just go but I'm nice and I ask permission first. At least in this I hold the power.

4. Take the person of the house outside where it's freezing. Now this is my favorite part, smell every single flower or leaf you can find. I actually really do love this about mornings but seeing your person prance about shivering saying things that don't sound like they are nice words is much more rewarding. Relieve yourself but only a tiny bit so that owner thinks you have done your business as they say blah blah blah good girl blah blah and drag you back in the house.

5. Wait 5 min. Owner will get dressed and come back down stairs. Take owner the leash again. Try not to laugh at the face owners make. See the thought bubble appear above your persons head " Does she really have to go or just wants a walk? If I don't take her this could be an emergency. If I do take her what if she wont go? I really don't want to clean anything up.... It's so cold...oh hell. Fine. " Be patient and look adorable. They may look and act like they don't want to take you but remember who holds the power in this situation.

6. *very important* Drag owner to every bush and plant, tree and snail and anything else that barely moves in sharp fast movements. If your doing this right your owner should cry out or shout words in a raised voice. This is good. If your person however ends up on the ground, ease up on your pace. This does not result in a good chance of you getting a real walk for days if this happens.

7. If you have completed all the steps above, your owner is now fully awake! Success. Chances are you are now on your way for a full walk with your grumbling person.

Note: After getting what you want, give owner some space to regain their mood. Sometimes your person can be cranky for a good part of the day after being awoken in such a way. I generally need a good nap at this point anyway from all my hard work. Depending on my persons mood I'll sometimes go lay back in bed but this in itself results in some work. For whatever reason they insist on making up my nest when they wake up. So with some tucking and un-tucking remake the bed to your liking and settle in for some restful sleep. Picking  a nice spot on the floor for a few hours is equally rewarding.

I've taken the liberty to share some pictures of my outing with you to show my success. Enjoy!


Stopping to enjoy the view from our house. Sadly my person won't let me run wild like a banshee down that hill.They keep saying that won't be fun but I'll keep trying.




















I think I was here when I was a baby! I love finding new things to explore and re-explore. As long as nothing bites me or scares me mind you.Don't judge.













Saying goodbye to my new friends I made. Wish I could be off leash but all I keep hearing is blah blah blah lost blah blah blah run away blah blah no cookies.













This is the right way to unmake/remake a husky bed. If only they would leave it alone I would not use so much energy. I just don't get why they get so angry. again with the blah blah blah bad dog blah blah oh my god all that hair blah blah. They don't get me or my needs at all.














Friday, November 20, 2009

So ask yourself.....

Can your dog do this???


-Kylie Mae

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The magical world of the fluffaluffagus

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This is Kylie Mae's little corner of the internet world. True she may be a dog, but she isn't any dog and I don’t mean put her in your pocket and carry her around pinky style like in LA. Oh no. She is a Siberian Husky. Like many other Siberian owners we are almost baffled daily and left scratching our heads or holding our sides laughing with her shenanigans and antics. I think it’s about time we stop being selfish and share her with the rest of the world. <op></op>

Don’t let her crystal clear blue eyes and long eye lashes fool you, that’s how I got trapped and sucked in. She will in no time have you dear readers wrapped around her dainty little pinky claw no doubt. <op></op>

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It’s Kylie’s world- we just live in it.